Gusto Pass - meal vouchers

Gusto Pass - meal vouchers

Gusto Pass meal vouchers are a must in the package of motivated and productive employees.

Advantages for the company

Gusto Pass meal vouchers are the most successful solution to increase your employees' Quality of Life. They can use the vouchers to pay for their daily meals or to purchase food products in more than 50,000 location across the country.
This fringe benefit is applicable to all your employees and it is easy to implement it in your company.

With Gusto Pass meal vouchers you:
- keep your employees loyal and improve the social climate in your company
- increase productivity and motivation
- reduce absenteeism
- enjoy 100% deductibility and exemption from the taxes related to salary, according to Law 142/1998. The value of a Gusto Pass meal voucher is 9.41 lei / day worked.

Advantages for the employees

Employees who receive Gusto Pass meal vouchers are exempted from the taxes related to salary for the respective amounts, thus enjoying 48% more purchasing power (employees only pay the 16% PIT).

With Gusto Pass meal vouchers the employees can pay for their daily meals or purchase food products in the widest and most diversified network of shops and restaurants (more than 50,000 locations across the country).

Beneficiaries who receive their vouchers in individual envelopes can also enjoy attractive discount coupons valid in various locations.


Gusto Pass system comprises the following stakeholders: the client (your company), the employees / beneficiaries, the acceptance network and Sodexo.

The standard offer

- Print on the vouchers the face value and the client company’s identification info
- Security paper
- Pack and seal vouchers in a safety plastic envelope
- Transport with a specialised carrier and insurance of face value during transport
- Door-to-door delivery
- Access to 20 Help Lines 021 204 46 46  
- Permanent legal and fiscal assistance
- Communication of latest changes / news in the field of fringe benefits in the Info Pass newsletter

The Galaxy of extra-services

This is a system that helps you to manage vouchers in your company, saves your time and increases productivity:
- Envelope - vouchers are packed in a sealed envelope for each employee / user
- Nominal - the full name and personal identification number of employees / users are printed on the vouchers
- Text - a message can be printed on the vouchers
- Logo - a logo can be printed on the vouchers
- Compartis - vouchers are consolidated per departments / sections / offices
- Compartis Pack - individual envelopes are packed into a sealed plastic package, for safe and easy handling, as part of the Compartis extra-service
- Express - express delivery
- Navigator - vouchers are consolidated and delivered by geographical areas
- Retur - unused vouchers are collected back
- Mesager - SMS / e-mail confirmation of the amount due, receipt of payment or voucher delivery
- Interaktiv - a secured platform for online ordering



Sodexo beneficiaries enjoy a modern online application to choose the locations where they want to use their vouchers.

Each beneficiary can look for nearby locations, make selections by various criteria and calculate the estimated time to the desired locations.


Locations which accept Gusto Pass meal vouchers display the specific stickers:


1. Which companies can offer meal vouchers to their employees?

Any company in Romania, irrespective of its organisational frame (Ltd., joint-stock, etc.) can offer meal vouchers to its employees. Freelancers, public notaries, doctors with private practice, etc. can also offer meal vouchers to their employees who have a labour contract.

2. What fiscal advantages do meal vouchers have?

Meal vouchers enjoy in Romania a very advantageous fiscal treatment, based on the Law 142 / 1998 and Fiscal Code. Meal vouchers are 100% deductible for the company, taxed for the employee (16% PIT) but they are exempted from the taxes related to the salary (both on behalf of the company and that of the employee).

Comparing to offering the same amount in money, the meal vouchers generate 32% cost reduction for the company and offer 48% more purchasing power.
A company that offers meal vouchers saves approximately 94 lei per month per employee.

3. Is it worth using meal vouchers when you only have a few employees?

The fiscal advantages of meal vouchers do not depend on the number of employees in your company. A company that offers meal vouchers saves approximately 94 lei per month per employee, no matter the size of the company.

4. How many meal vouchers can be offered monthly?

A company can offer each employee 1 meal voucher for each worked day. You cannot offer meal vouchers for the periods of absence, legal days off, various leaves (medical, annual, etc), or for the periods when the employee received per diem allocation.

5. Which employees can receive meal vouchers?

All the people employed under a labour contact (for determined or undetermined period, full or part time employment) can receive meal vouchers from their employer.

6. Can employees with multiple simultaneous labour contracts receive meal vouchers?

Employees who have multiple simultaneous labour contracts can only receive meal vouchers in connection with the contract which regulates their main job.

7. Is it worth offering meal vouchers to employees whose income is above average?

The fiscal facilities of the meal vouchers apply irrespective of the employee’s income level. Meal vouchers satisfy everybody’s need of purchasing food products or daily meals, so it is fiscally advantageous to offer meal vouchers to all your employees, no matter what salaries they have.

8. Is it complicated for employees to use meal vouchers?

Gusto Pass meal vouchers are accepted in more 50,000 locations across the country: many restaurants and traditional shops but also the best known large retail networks. Our wide acceptance network makes the experience of using vouchers a pleasant and easy one.

9. Is there a specific sequence when offering vouchers? Can I offer my employees meal vouchers if I have not offered other types of vouchers previously? Or is it mandatory to start with the meal vouchers and only later with the other types of vouchers?

There is no mandatory sequence when offering vouchers. Each company decides, based on its own priorities and budgets, what voucher sequence they want to follow.

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