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The 100% deductible solution for the daily meals or for purchasing food products.


Your priority: attract, keep and motivate the best employees.

We assist you in designing your HR strategy with a wide range of motivation solutions and tools to increase your employees’ Quality of Life.

Fringe benefits offered with Sodexo vouchers are easy to implement and flexible, while their effect on increasing productivity and motivation is measurable:
- Gusto Pass meal vouchers are the best known fringe benefit; with these vouchers your employees can pay for their daily meal or purchase food in more than 50,000 shops and restaurants across the country
- Cadou Pass gift vouchers are the most comfortable and modern system to give employees the right gifts on various occasions

- Primul Pass nursery vouchers encourage employees to return to work soon after they become parents and offer them a great life-work balance.

Discover below all Sodexo services which motivate your employees.

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