Turist Pass - holiday vouchers to reward and motivate employees

Turist Pass - holiday vouchers

Turist Pass holiday vouchers are an excellent way to reward and motivate employees, strengthening the relationship between employees and the company

What are the holiday vouchers Turist Pass?

Turist Pass holiday vouchers are similar with meal vouchers, with which employees can buy tourist services in Romania (accommodation, meals etc.).

Turist Pass holiday vouchers can be used in thousands of locations across the country: hotels, guesthouses, holiday villages, spa treatment units etc, through travel agencies authorized by the Ministry of Tourism.

Access www.mysodexo.ro and see the locations where the Turist Pass vouchers can be used.

How you can use them?

Depending on your plans regarding employee motivation, holiday Turist Pass vouchers can be granted to all employees or only to those with outstanding performance within your business.

Starting with January 2018, the minimum salary for economy is 1.900 lei according to the Government Decision no. no. 846/2017 for the establishment of the minimum gross salary guaranteed by the country  and the income tax is 10% of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 79/2017 for amending and completing the Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code.

Holiday vouchers granted by the employer according to the law are deductible expenses, granted in quantum of 6 gross minimum salaries: 6 * 1.900 lei = 11.400 lei.

  • The income tax paid by the beneficiaries for the meal vouchers, nursery vouchers, the holiday vouchers are 10% instead of 16%.

Why grant holiday vouchers Turist Pass?

The role of Human Resources in a company is essential because it has the responsibility to develop strong & performant teams that contribute to business development.

Often, the employee motivation can be a major challenge. Therefore, Sodexo offers you a wide range of solutions to increase motivation and Quality of Life, to choose what is right for your employees profile.

Turist Pass holiday vouchers are an excellent way to reward and motivate employees, having both important tax advantages, but contributing in the same time, to strengthen the relationship between employees and company:

  • saving of 37% to the company's budget compared to the same amount in grant money
  • 100% deductibility according to the fiscal code
  • 57% more purchasing power for the employees
  • increase work capacity
  •  balance between personal and professional life, by encouraging employees to take well deserved breaks
  • all year round usage, in every season

It's easy.

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Turist Pass holiday voucher system comprises the following stakeholders: the client (your company), the employees / beneficiaries, the acceptance network and Sodexo.


Sodexo beneficiaries enjoy a modern online application to choose the locations where they want to use their vouchers: www.mysodexo.ro.

Each beneficiary can look for nearby locations, make selections by various criteria and calculate the estimated time to the desired locations.



Locations which accept Turist Pass holiday vouchers display the specific stickers:

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