Turist Pass - holiday vouchers to reward and motivate employees

Turist Pass - holiday vouchers

With the Tourist Pass holiday vouchers you can reduce company expenses with 37% and have more motivated employees

What are the Turist Pass holiday vouchers

Tourist Pass holiday vouchers are similar with the meal tickets, with which employees can buy tourist services in Romania (accommodation, meals etc.).

How you can use it?

Depending on your plans to reward employees, Tourist Pass holiday vouchers can be granted to all employees or only to those with outstanding performance within your business, specifying that they must be employed under a labor contract.

Starting with January 2018, the minimum salary for economy is 1.900 lei according to the Government Decision no. no. 846/2017 for the establishment of the minimum gross salary guaranteed by the country  and the income tax is 10% of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 79/2017 for amending and completing the Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code.


Holiday vouchers granted by the employer according to the law are deductible expenses, granted in quantum of 6 gross minimum salaries: 6 * 1.900 lei = 11.400 lei.

  • The income tax paid by the beneficiaries for the meal vouchers, nursery vouchers, the holiday vouchers are 10% instead of 16%.

Why grant vouchers Tourist Pass?

In addition of being an excellent way to reward and motivate employees who contribute to the growth of your business, granting holiday  vouchers Tourist Pass brings significant tax advantages:

  • saving of 37% to the company's budget compared to the same amount in grant money
  • 100% deductibility according to the fiscal code
  • 57% more purchasing power for the employees

Last but not least, Tourist Pass holiday vouchers can be used in thousands of locations across the country: hotels, guesthouses, holiday villages, spa treatment units etc, through travel agencies authorized by the Ministry of Tourism.
See the locations where they can be used hol the holiday vouchers Tourist Pass: www.mysodexo.ro

It's easy.
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Turist Pass holiday voucher system comprises the following stakeholders: the client (your company), the employees / beneficiaries, the acceptance network and Sodexo.


Sodexo beneficiaries enjoy a modern online application to choose the locations where they want to use their vouchers.

Each beneficiary can look for nearby locations, make selections by various criteria and calculate the estimated time to the desired locations.




Locations which accept Turist Pass holiday vouchers display the specific stickers:

TURIST PASS for Public Institution Employees - January 2018


What employees can benefit from: a valid work contract, full or part-time work. In case of cumulative functions, holiday vouchers will be granted by the employers where the beneficiaries in question have their basic job or, as the case may be, by each employer in proportion to the time worked, without exceeding the amount of 1,450 lei.


Eligible categories are:

  • employees in public institutions and authorities
  • the employees of the mayors and county councils (Territorial Administrative Units and County Councils)
  • employees of units subordinated to the local council or county council (cultural institutions, special education institutions, health institutions, DGASPCs, evidence of persons, rescue, local police, etc.).
  • employees from educational institutions, subordinated to the Ministry of Education
  • employees from the public health institutions, subordinated to the Ministry of Health
  • employees from deconcentrated institutions
  • the employees of the national system of defense and public order (MApN, police, gendarmerie, SRI, STS, penitentiaries, etc.)

Awarding period: July 2017 - November 2018

Method of awarding: one holiday allowance, in the form of vouchers, in the amount of 1.450 lei / employee. The amount to be set by the employer, in proportion to the period of service or the duration of the employment contract. In the case of ATUs, given that the employees' incomes can not exceed the income of the Deputy Mayor, a single order may be proposed, but the vouchers can be extended in stages.


Budgeting mode: inclusion of the amounts in the budget of 2018 or inclusion of the sums in the budget rectifications in 2018. The holiday vouchers are granted within the limits of the amounts provided separately to this destination in their own approved budgets, according to the law, to each authorizing officer.

Taxation: Employee only, 10% income tax.

Validity of the vouchers: one year from the date of issue.

Support: Vouchers are issued on paper. Personalization is mandatory.

Use: Accommodation directly at hotel units and tourist packages in Romania. Accommodation, transport and meals at travel agencies.

Nominal values: We recommend the nominal value of the lowest 50 RON (29 vouchers x 50 RON = 1.450). The nominal values ​​are only 50 and 100 lei.


Sodexo is the market leader with more than 220 auctions won on SEAP / SICAP, which means 62% of total volumes in RON auctioned nationwide between July and December 2017.

The largest affiliate network, nearly 4,000 tourist units.
In Romania, the holiday voucher on paper supports 97% of the volume made by all issuers (SEAP / SICAP):
• Flexibility
• Unique amount of 1,450 lei
• Reduced administration costs
• Refund amounts

To learn more about how to buy, the SEAP / SICAP procedure, how and when to pay, order instructions or any other concerns related to holiday vouchers, fill out the following form or contact a Sodexo representative at the phone number 021 204 46 46:

Legislative framework:

GEO no. 8/2009 of 18 February 2009 on the granting of holiday vouchers, as amended and supplemented:

Law no. 94/2014
Government Ordinance no. 8/2014
Law no. 173/2015
Government Emergency Ordinance no. 46/2017
GD no. 215 of March 4, 2009 for the approval of the Methodological Norms regarding the granting of holiday vouchers with the subsequent modifications and completions:

Government Decision no. 614/2015
Government Decision no. 940/2017


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